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Our Story

Our Story

Since our childhood, we have heard that milk is vital for mental and physical development, a complete food, one of the best sources of nutrition etc. etc. Simultaneously, we have seen our parents arguing with milkman over the quality of milk provided and we always use to think why is this such a big issue. Well, we grew up but that struggle never elapsed. Now, time has changed and responsibility has come on our shoulder to look after family health which basically depends of what we eat and drink.

Within short period of time, we realized the challenges faced by our elders but somehow, we managed to convince ourselves that everything is fine and we need to worry about what we are consuming as majority population is doing the same. Therefore, we kept sourcing milk from local milkman till the time it became impossible for us to ignore the problems explained below. Further, there used to be number of cows or buffaloes in every home but today only few households have it and number is limited to one or two only. With time, human population has increased but still there is no shortage of milk even the number of animals used have gone. How? Never found answer for this.

Hygiene is a major issue. Cows urinate and excrete in the same place they sit and give milk. One can easily notice flies sitting on excreta and milk and thus spreading germs. Therefore, increasing possible chances of getting sick.
Cows are injected with artificial hormones to increase milk supply which isn’t natural way and therefore, milk produced cannot be healthy. It can have severe health issues over long term.
Adulteration is rampant. Even if you notice, you can’t do anything about it.
Reliability of getting same quantity of milk every day or increased quantity on any special occasion is very low.
Fodder provided to animals is usually grown with the help of pesticides which is passed on to consumers in milk.

As milk is crucial is growth, we just can’t stop consuming it and we had to source it from somewhere. The only option left to us was to try packaged milk. There are lot of brands in market who supply packaged milk in different varieties and claim to provide all nutrients. Once bitten twice shy! Before placing our faith in packaged milk, we decided to do our proper research this time. During our research, we found out the truth is contrary to what these companies claim because

These companies source milk from various milkmen and quality is measured just on the fat content and not on the protein or some other healthy measure.
They do not do any test to verify if any artificial hormone was injected to increase milk production which is usual practice which these company ignore very conveniently.
Further, before packing the milk, it has to go through pasteurization process during which milk loses most of its nutrients.
People who have consumed farm fresh milk have complained that packaged milk has a weird smell and taste which is hard to ignore and it takes time to get used to it.
Counterfeit is major issue on which there is no check. Selling duplicate products of brands is like a profession and almost every day we read articles about raid where concerned authorities confiscate forged labels of brands and synthetic products.

As it was a matter of health of our own families, we decided not to take this lightly and allow our families to consume poison. After all, life doesn’t mean anything if we can’t even try to keep our loved ones safe and healthy. We researched and put in lot of efforts to find which milk is good for health and immunity. Luckily, we had the answer in form of desi Gir cow milk which has A2 case in protein but the actual struggle started from here. There was not a reliable source from where we can procure this because of above mentioned reasons. We came back to where we started but this time, we had knowledge and we were more determined to overcome this hurdle. We realized that there is no readymade solution available in the market and we had to do something on our own.

It is then we decided to purchase a Gir cow and utilized our farmland for grazing, sheltering, milking etc. People in our vicinity noticed our efforts and became curious and after knowing what we are doing, they even encouraged us to take it to next level. In fact, they became our customers. From there we realized that we have found a solution of something which most of people never realized was even a problem. But the struggle was to make this solution available to all and that is where challenge started which we gladly accepted and Doodhiye Dairy Products Private Limited came into existence.

We have started our venture and have assumed the responsibility to provide the organic, pure, fresh and nutritious Gir cow A2 milk and other dairy products to help people to cater much needed nutrition requirement of their family.

Our Vision

To build people strong and healthy (by boosting their immunity)


We operate with a strong sense of purpose and innovation in whatever we do! Excellence is our benchmark

Our Mission

To transition/re-define people choice towards nutrition