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Why Doodhiye

Why Doodhiye

Doodhiye is a startup which has evolved out of need felt to provide pure, organic and quality products. Thus, we have a put robust mechanism in place that ensures the products we supply are of top quality with no compromise at any stage during the process. To help you make up your mind, we have here mentioned few of the many factors that will ultimately encourage you to join us:

Ethical milking

We believe that first right over cow milk is of her baby as it is crucial for baby growth and development. Therefore, we do not use all the milk for commercial purpose and keep milk from one udder only for baby consumption.

No plastic waste

Milk, ghee or any other product provided by us are in the glass reusable packaging. We do not use plastic to package any of our products because of environmental concerns and opted for an eco-friendly way to serve people.

Fodder without pesticides

In order to maximize the output, rampant use of pesticides is done by farmers. When the fodder from these fields is eaten by cow, pesticides consumed by cow are also passed into the milk and thus making the milk unhealthy to certain extent. Therefore, we provide only organic fodder to our cows which is grown in our own farms under our strict observation.

Access to clean water

Water is basis of any life and access to pure and clean water for consumption is bare minimum requirement for a healthy life for any human or animal. But, at some point in our lives we must have noticed the poor quality of water and food offered to animals used for milking. We treat our cows as part of our family and have ensured that cows have access to clean water which we use for our consumption.

Hygienic conditions

Animals used for milking purpose are kept in conditions which are not hygienic as they usually sit, excrete and sleep in the same place which impacts their health and thus quality of milk is also affected. Our cows are like our family and we have made such arrangement that surrounding them is regularly cleaned. Also, animal waste and excreta are kept at distant location so that flies cannot spread germs and make our cattle sick.

Farm fresh seasonal vegetables

Quality of milk produced is directly dependent on the food a cow consumes. Usually, only the hay is given for consumption which does not even fulfill basic needs of a cow body to produce healthy milk. At some place, cotton seeds and oilcake are also provided which is good but not sufficient. In additional to these, we also offer organic farm fresh seasonal vegetable to our cows which not only boost their immunity but also adds nutritional value to milk produced.

Kept in farm and not left to roam around

We all have noticed cows roaming on roads for grazing and feeding themselves. It is very common practice in our country. During their outside roaming and grazing, it is not just grass they eat but most of time they also end up having litters, plastic waste etc. We do not follow this practice and keep our cattle in house under our observation and no one from outside is allowed to feed them. They are fed fresh and organic food only from our farm.

Complete in-house production. No outsourcing

Small or big brands present in the market today do not produce the milk in their farms but purchase them from various sources. Thus, they do not have any control over the quality of food provided to cattle, conditions in which they are kept etc. whereas we have total control over these basic but crucial things which in turn produces the quality output. From the point to growing fodder to packaging and supplying product to customer doorstep, complete process is handled in house and we keep vigil on tiniest things to ensure quality is not compromised.

Unrestricted farm access

People have always looked milkmen with suspicion for various reasons. To come over any doubt anyone can have, we have kept our farm open for customer visit where they can observe the above-mentioned practices, we follow which in turn will help to build trust and relationship.

No use of artificial hormones

There is common practice to inject cattle with artificial hormones to increase the milk production but it affects the health of cattle also the quality of milk produced. Our focus is on quality and not on quantity and therefore, we do not inject our cattle with such chemicals.

No pasteurization

Our focus is on to provide the fresh products and not the one which are processed. Milk produced in our farm does not go through the process of pasteurization and adding preservatives and reach consumers doorstep directly within 2 hours of milking. Thus, there is no loss of nutrients and customer get fresh milk to consume.

No preservatives

All of the companies present in market today advertises their products to be safe but they use variety of preservatives to increase shelf life of their products. These are nothing but chemicals which can have adverse effects on one’s health. Ghee, milk or any other products provided by us are free from any kind of preservative as our focus is to improve health, not deteriorate it.

Certified from govt. approved lab

Our products have been tested by the government approved laboratories and we have also placed certificates of testing in public domain for everyone’s access. Anyone wishes to determine the quality of product we offer can check the certificates here :
Lab Report - Ghee
Lab Report - Milk

Two-time farm fresh milk

We provide organic farm fresh milk at customer doorstep twice a day based on customer demand and requirement.


We provide organic Desi Gir Cow A2 milk, pure desi cow A2 ghee, and other milk products that are pure to the highest standards as the cows are fed grass or organically cultivated fodder. We grow seasonal vegetables using our in-house fertilizers, made from Gir cow urine and cow dung. Cows are fed this fodder with a combination of herbs like Ashwagandha, Jivanti, Shatawari, Neem, Moringa, Lemongrass, Basil & many seasonal vegetables to keep them hale, hearty, happy & healthy.

Cow Sheds

In our farms, we have built high ceiling sheds to ensure proper air flow. Large fans keep blowing sweet air to keep our cows in a well-ventilated place and help them live peacefully, without getting worked up in the heat. In our spacious sheds, cows have all the luxuries. Special measures have been taken to ensure cleanliness.
We believe that no mother should stay separate from her child. This is why, in our sheds, every cow lives right next to her calf. The cows and their calves live together, in the sheds that have all the amenities for the cows. The shed has an automated water system and taps which starts only when the cow is near to it, avoiding the chances of water being contaminated.

Sanitization & Hygiene

It is the processes of adopting hygienic measures which nullifies the factors of health deterioration and create conditions to secure health and ensure production of good quality products. Proper cleaning and sanitation removes most of germs and parasites along with dirt, thereby remaining germs are few in number and possibly in weaken condition so as to be harmless under ordinary conditions. Cleaning and disinfecting is imperative to maintain the well being and health of high producing animals, such as dairy cows.