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What We Offer

We provide organic and farm fresh Gir cow A2 milk and dairy products to serve the taste of all in a healthy way.


A2 Gir cow milk is the most nutritious food loaded with proteins, minerals, healthy fats and vitamins which makes it high-value nutritional drink.

Desi Ghee

A2 Ghee is naturally produced by using the age-old traditional bilona method of ghee making process. We use pure natural milk to make awesome ghee.

A2 Gir cow curd

A2 Gir cow curd is made from pure A2 cow milk without any preservatives. A2 Gir cow curd is set traditionally, from pure A2 desi cow milk using natural culture in homemade style. We don’t use any artificial culture or industrial processing. A2 Gir cow curd is completely unique in taste.

Protein Lassi/Butter Milk

A2 Gir cow protein lassi/butter milk is made from fresh desi cow curd using wooden churner. It’s good for stomach.